Series AMVSU/B-S are preset factory assembled cartridge seals for use in Agitators, Mixers and reactor Vessels. The seal construction varies slightly for top entry vessels, side entry vessels and bottom entry vessels. The seals are designed to the shortest shaft length and bearings are located as close to the vessel body to minimize the deflection.

Seal Characteristics
  • Single Seal/Double Seal
  • Unbalance/Balanced
  • Independent on direction of rotation
  • General Chemicals and its vapours
  • Petrochemicals and its vapours
  • Light Hydrocarbons and its vapours

Operating Limits
  • Shaft Diameter - d1 : 20…150mm
  • Pressure - p : vaccum …….12 bar (max)
  • Temperature - t : -20…220°C
  • Velocity - v : 4m/sec
  • Seal Faces : Carbon, SIC, Tungsten Carbide
  • Metal Parts :SS304, SS316 , Hastelloy-C, Alloy 20
  • O-ring: Elastomers , TTV

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